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Private Patient Rooms
Post-Partum Rooms

A Brighter Tomorrow

Advancing Health Care in Our Community

Riddle Hospital opened in 1963 as the direct result of a bequest from Samuel D. Riddle, a native of Delaware County, local businessman and breeder of famous racehorses—Man O’War and War Admiral, to name two.

Mr. Riddle’s will stipulated that his estate of $2.2 million and 72 acres of land be utilized to “… establish, construct, equip, maintain and operate a hospital, staff and personnel, for the relief of suffering humanity and for the care of the sick, injured and afflicted … to be established in the Borough of Media or the vicinity thereof.”

The staff and physicians of Riddle Hospital proudly carry on Mr. Riddle’s legacy in our commitment to providing superior patient care for the communities we serve.

The Impact of COVID-19​

Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, Riddle Hospital, along with the rest of Main Line Health, took crucial steps to mitigate community spread while continuing to meet the health care needs of our patients. We could not be any prouder of our health care team for providing excellent, compassionate care in the face of COVID-19, and we are so appreciative of the community members who provided generous support in the form of donations, meals, letters of support and much more.  However, the work is not done yet. With the second wave of COVID-19 cases upon us, it’s vital that our team is prepared for success in the coming months. However, with the second wave of COVID-19 upon us, the work is not done yet.

What We'll Do –
Our Goals for the Campus Transformation:

Modernize Care

Our goal is to modernize the care environment to reflect Riddle Hospital’s superior reputation for high-quality, compassionate care.

Create a Healing Environment

Providing a nurturing healing environment is crucial here at Riddle Hospital, and the creation of private patients rooms reflects that.  Our goal to maintain an environment based on individual healing embodies our commitment to raising the standards of patient care. 

Enhance Care Delivery

A third goal is to enhance care delivery. These enhancements will be made through new operating rooms, maternity suites and renovation of our existing Intensive Care Unit.

Incorporate Main Line Health Standards

Incorporate Main Line Health’s standards, best practices and lessons learned from recent renovations and modernizations of the Lankenau Medical Center and Bryn Mawr Hospital campuses.

Your Donation Matters

Now more than ever, we need your support. Help us reach our goal of transforming our campus with the most significant facility improvements in our history. As the delivery of health care is evolving quickly, our facilities must be modern and adaptable for all levels of care, for patient and staff safety, and to meet the needs of our community. Every donation brings us one step closer to providing our community with excellent care with generations to come.